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Asphalt Private Road Resurfacing
in North Huntingdon, PA

Choose Tony’s Asphalt Paving for Your Private Road Resurfacing Needs

Are you looking for asphalt private road resurfacing in North Huntingdon, PA? Call the team of trusted and experienced professionals at Tony’s Asphalt Paving today. Private roads can endure much wear and tear with the constant driving taking place on a daily basis. Here at Tony’s Asphalt Paving, we can provide your private road with the best resurfacing and patchwork in the area.

Give our office a call today at (724) 755-0208 or by cell phone at (724) 323-5378 to see how we can help you.

Tony’s Asphalt Paving: Your Trusted Resurfacing Authority

Since 1995, we have provided residents with first-rate resurfacing services. Larger asphalt services such as driveways, parking lots, and roads can suffer damage because of constant depreciation. Our team at Tony’s Asphalt Paving can resurface a private road to make it look new. Give us a call today to ask about our road resurfacing work and how it can benefit you.

We Offer Line Striping for Local Private Roads in North Huntingdon, PA

Tony’s Asphalt Paving also offers line striping and painting for your newly-paved private roads in the North Huntingdon, PA. For a small parking lot that needs the spaces painted or your township road lines need re-painted, we can help. We can do any necessary line striping for every job we do and take great pride in doing the best job possible. Be sure to let our staff know that you are interested in line striping when we discuss your project.

Premier Patchwork Fixes Wear and Tear in Private Roads

Severely damaged pavement requires patchwork done by using multiple techniques. Moisture intrusion is the leading cause of pavement deterioration, and when left alone, potholes become evident. Tony’s Asphalt Paving’s team proudly provides premium patchwork for area private roads. Patchwork can be a daunting and sometimes dangerous task to do alone. Trust the professionals at Tony’s Asphalt Paving to do the patchwork on your private road.

Call Tony’s Asphalt Paving for All Your Paving and Resurfacing Needs

Residents of Westmoreland County and surrounding counties of PA come to Tony’s Asphalt Paving for the following services:

Private Roads
Asphalt Paving
Driveway Installation
Line Striping
Parking Lot Paving

If you are in the market for any of the above services, contact us today. Our team stands ready to answer any questions you have and guide you along the process of starting your next project. Call Tony’s Asphalt Paving today for asphalt access road resurfacing in North Huntingdon, PA.

Contact Tony’s Asphalt Paving for parking lot paving and playgrounds in North Huntingdon, PA.